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Nadia DeWynter
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anime, asch, asch/natalia, balir/shizel, cantabile, etc., fanart, fanfiction, final fantasy iv, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vi, flik, guy, hot anime men, icon making, jade, jade/tear, keele/meredy, luke/noelle, manga, not being christian, pretty boys in general, role playing, suikoden, suikoden ii, suikoden iii, tales of eternia, tales of the abyss, video games, viktor, writing, yuber

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ladynadiad would be one of those rare older fans of video games and anime. When not working, she's writing, cleaning doujinshi, making icons, coloring manga pages, role-playing and many other things.

And she also sometimes will talk about herself in the third person, though that is becoming more rare.
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